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The goal is the same now as it has always been, to provide you with the best source of adult game reviews around so that you can make an informed choice about which games you want to try.

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Chathouse 3D Roulette rated as 4.5 stars Chathouse 3D Roulette rated as 4.5 stars Chathouse 3D Roulette rated as 4.5 stars Chathouse 3D Roulette rated as 4.5 stars Chathouse 3D Roulette rated as 4.5 stars

Chathouse 3D Roulette Review

Reviewed 14th August 2014 and Rated 4.5 out of 5

Chathouse 3D RouletteChathouse 3D Roulette is an advanced MMOVSG with support for VStroker and Occulus Rift. It is a fairly original adult MMORPG in it's execution, relying more on adult chat to meet people than a free roaming virtual world encounter.

Chathouse 3D Roulette has amazing graphics and a growing adult community with lots of emphasis being placed on making tha adult social networking side much more advanced than most.

Chathouse 3D is free to try to allow you to get used to it's unique qualities.

"Chathouse 3D Roulette is an awesome MMOVSG which is popular for its differences. It is a quality free adult MMORPG which is definitely worth trying out before deciding if you want to upgrade to the full version."

Read Our Review Visit Chathouse 3D Roulette Screen Shots

Girlfriends 4 Ever rated as 5 stars Girlfriends 4 Ever rated as 5 stars Girlfriends 4 Ever rated as 5 stars Girlfriends 4 Ever rated as 5 stars Girlfriends 4 Ever rated as 5 stars

Girlfriends 4 Ever

Reviewed 2nd August 2014 and Rated 5 out of 5

Girlfriends 4 EverGirlfriends 4 Ever is a transsexual 3DX virtual sex game that combines outstanding graphics with original content and unbelievable realism. OK so the size of Sayakos dick may not be realistic but the quality of design is.

Follow Tara's awakening as she convinces her transexual friend Sayako to let her do something she has never done before, that is to have sex with a woman. You will be astounded at how erotic the sex is, even if you are not really into transsexual sex. Take a look at the screenshots which will give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

"If you love quality 3DX, then youíll love Girlfriends 4 Ever because it is about as good as it gets."

Read Our Review Visit Girlfriends 4 Ever Screen Shots

VStroker games rated as 4.5 stars VStroker games rated as 4.5 stars VStroker games rated as 4.5 stars VStroker games rated as 4.5 stars VStroker games rated as 4.5 stars

VStroker Games

Reviewed 2nd August 2014 and Rated 4.5 out of 5

VStroker gamesVStroker games include mainstream virtual sex games such as BoneCraft, 3D SexVilla 2, 3D GayVilla 2 and Hentai 3D that have been VStroker enabled. In addition multiplayer games such as the 3DX Chat MMOVSG and the Chathouse 3D MMOVSG.

VStroker games have been enabled to work with the VStroker attached to a standard Fleshlight male sex toy to enable them to mimic the speed at which your dick moves within the Fleshlight when you masturbate and to match this speed to the on screen fucking.

if you buy a VStroker you will get 14 days access to dozens of VStroker games on their website, these include interactive porn and 3DX games. When your 14 days is up you can rejoin if you wish; you can also buy VStroker games directly from their online store.

"VStroker games are well worth playing, so if you havenít tried them yet, bite the bullet and select a Fleshlight package from the VStroker store then let the fun begin."

Read Our Review Visit Vstroker Screen Shots

VStroker rated as 5 stars VStroker rated as 5 stars VStroker rated as 5 stars VStroker rated as 5 stars VStroker rated as 5 stars


Reviewed 1st August 2014 and Rated 5 out of 5

VStroker virtual sex systemVStroker is an outstanding virtual sex system that attaches to a fleshlight and turns your cock into a control. Replace the endcap of the Fleshlight with the VStroker and then start playing a VStroker enabled game whilst you use your Fleshlight as normal, you can then control the speed of the sex.

You can join VStroker and as a member you'll get access to tons of VStroker enabled content including 3DX games and interactive porn all controlled by you and your wanking. New content is added every month too.

"The VStroker is definitely worth buying, and if you havenít experienced the Fleshlight then the VStroker kit is a must because the Fleshlight is like gliding into a tight warm pussy and can be used with or without the VStroker unit."

Read Our Review Visit Vstroker Screen Shots

3DX Chat rated as 5 stars 3DX Chat rated as 5 stars 3DX Chat rated as 5 stars 3DX Chat rated as 5 stars 3DX Chat rated as 5 stars

3DX Chat

Reviewed 31st July 2014 and Rated 5 out of 5

3DX Chat adult MMORPG3DX Chat is the most amazing adult MMORPG, it is probably about as advanced as they come at the moment and if you own a VStroker then you will be able to use it with the game. 3DX Chat also comes with support for the Occulus Rift VR headset.

One great thing about this adult MMO is that even if there are no willing parties at the time of day you go on looking for sex then you can use one of the default characters as a partner. Truly amazing virtual world environments and an amazing selection of sex positions make this a must for lovers of adult MMORPGs.

"When you play 3DX Chat you are take to some amazing virtual world environments where thanks to the quality of graphics and range of positions you will be able to have some of the best 3D virtual sex available in any Adult MMO."

Read Our Review Visit 3DX Chat Screen Shots Rates VirtualFem As 5 Stars Rates VirtualFem As 5 Stars Rates VirtualFem As 5 Stars Rates VirtualFem As 5 Stars Rates VirtualFem As 5 Stars

Latest VirtualFem Girl Of The Month

Penny Flame is the VirtualFem 3 girl of the month September 2014

VirtualFem Girl Of The Month

Peny Flame is your virtual girlfriend for September 2014.Check out the VirtualFem naked girls

Penny Flame is a pretty 31 year old brunette MILF from Aurora in Colorado, she is petite in heightbut with nice wholesome 36c tits that beg to be fucked. VirtualFem Penny Flame likes to enjoy men and women alike, she also likes putting on a how with her girlfriend for your pleasure. She loves to give you handjobs and likes to do it whilst she is still dressed.

Not only does Penny Flame enjoy pleasuring you, she also likes to do it to herself whilst you watch. She is always up for a good tease and will get your pulse racing.

Check out Adult Games News for a review of VirtualFem Penny Flame

Joining VirtualFem will not just give you Penny Flame, but also over 120 other girls (see the complete list on or check out the Screen Shots for yourself.

"Virtual sex really doesnít get any better than this, and virtual sex games really donít get any better than VirtualFem. If VirtualFem doesnít get you horny, check your pulse, you may be dead!"

VirtualFem Review More Information Screen Shots

Adult Gamer Dating: a Sex Dating Site Created for Adult Gamers

Join Adult Gamer Dating for free

If you are an adult gamer and like sex, then Adult Gamer Dating is worth a look. Adult Gamer Dating is an adult dating site that has been created with gamers in mind.

Members of the Adult Gamer Dating site are looking for gamer girls or gamer guys for casual sex, saucy chat and emails, or even adult fun online. Most members want NSA sex; no commitment, no complication, no flowers!

Adult Gamer Dating is free to join, within minutes you could be searching for sex in your area with like minded adults. or finding partners to meet online in adult MMORPG games such as the excellent 3DX Chat.

Visit Adult Gamer Dating for more information.

The Bonecraft & BoneTown Adult Games Now on DVD

Buy BoneCraft

All lovers of BoneTown will love the second game from the same software company, BoneCraft Both are now available on DVD, the perfect gift for any sex loving gamer whether that be a mate, a partner or yourself. It is no secret that BoneTown is my all time favourite game with BoneCraft running an extremely close second so take a look at the offer.

You can order BoneCraft from this link and you will get a PRINCESS AMADOLLOHO for a limited time only, you will also be one of the first people to play what is bound to be the best adult game released this year. In addition, once you buy the BoneCraft game you will be able to download the BoneCrafter mod kit and create your own content using assets from BoneTown and BoneCraft to include in the game. Take a look at the BoneCraft review for more information and screenshots.

As if this latest news isn't great enough already you can also buy both the BoneCraft game and BoneTown game together and save $10 that is an amazing price for what must be the most desired adult game bundle this year.

VirtuaGirl Desktop Strippers Now Available For MAC Users

VirtuaGirl desktop strippers

Amazing news for all lovers of Virtual Girls, VirtuaGirl, the worlds most popular virtual desktop strippers are now available for MAC users as well as owners of PCs.

For the first time MAC users can have the hottest virtual strippers in the world dancing and gyrating right their full size on their screens. Take a look at the Virtuagirl review for more information and screenshots. Or if you would like to find out more about the free Virtuagirl virtual stripper game you can visit the site for full information PC and MAC users alike, if you haven't tried Virtuagirl yet what are you waiting for. Join over 16 million other users and take a look today.

Amazing Adult Games Offer

The 3D sex game, "Juliet Sex Session", now comes with the offer of the lifetime for you Get 30 days unlimited access to all the amazing adult games which includes the top rated 3DX Chat MMOVSG, for just $29.95 along with weekly updates and much more

Juliet Sex Session is a sex game that gets straight to the point, allowing you to experience simulated 3D sex almost immediately in a variety of positions. No longer will you have to choose multiple options or customizations when all you really want is to fulfill your need for a little 3D fucking.

Get the best sex games deal ever

Find Out More About The Amazing Offer on This Sex Games Bundle >> Rates BoneTown As 5+ Stars Rates BoneTown As 5+ Stars Rates BoneTown As 5+ Stars Rates BoneTown As 5+ Stars Rates BoneTown As 5+ Stars

The Best Adult Game

BoneTown Rated 5 Star Plus

The best adult video game aroundBuy the BoneTown adult gameBoneTown is simply the best adult video game around. We had to create a 5 star plus rating just to do it justice.

BoneTown is an adult action adventure RPG that is like no other and it is probably the longest we spent reviewing a game because it was just so addictive. It involves fighting, fucking, drugs, missions and so much more, no wonder we couldn't put it down!

We are certain that the BoneTown adult game will amuse you for hours at a time with it's absorbing game play and humour.

You have to explore the BoneTown neighbourhoods (of which there are many) and beat power bosses, perform missions and fight. All this to ensure that you get big balls so that you can fuck all the pretty slim girls.

"Whatever your tastes in adult games I am sure that you will love the BoneTown adult sex game, it is sexy, violent, funny, exciting, absorbing and addictive with absolutely oodles of entertainment value!

The BoneTown adult sex game is a must, I believe that it is the best 3D adult sex game available to buy at the moment. if I had to buy just one 3D adult game then BoneTown would be the one that I would spend my money on."

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