Gibo Stepmother's Sin rated as 4 stars Gibo Stepmother's Sin rated as 4 stars Gibo Stepmother's Sin rated as 4 stars Gibo Stepmother's Sin rated as 4 stars Gibo Stepmother's Sin rated as 4 stars

Gibo Stepmother's Sin Review

Rated 4 out of 5 by Adult Sex Game Reviews

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Gibo Stepmother’s Sin is an adult bishoujo game with similar undertones to the adult hentai game Hitomi My Stepsister. You will need to be connected to the internet whilst your registration is validated, once the adult hentai game starts however you are able to disconnect.

Gibo Stepmother’s Sin is a familiar interface and doesn’t need much explanation but as an overview Q Load (quick load) loads the last game you saved with Q Save (quick save), Start and Quit need no explanation, Load allows you to start the game from a point that you have saved previously, Extra offers you the ability to enjoy CGs, erotic scenes and music from the game.

Once you start the game you can switch between full screen and windowed mode easily and quickly using the Graphic Mode option from the main menu which appears at the top of the screen when you move your mouse up there, the other main options are all here too.

Whist playing the game you will see two status meters, a lewd meter and a love meter. The lewd meter shows the extent of Misako’s sexual perversion as a result of your training and the love meter shows her feelings for you. These meters grow differently depending on the route you decide to take through the bishoujo game.

If you have never played a hentai sex game or adult bishoujo game before then search the internet for a walkthrough to help you out, for example search for “Gibo Stepmothers Sin walkthrough” and you will find something.

Gibo Stepmothers Sin is a command selection adventure game which is an adult hentai or bishoujo sex game. This game has a multi-ending system, this means that the choices you make when a command selection is displayed will determine how the story unfolds and ultimately concludes, there are 14 endings in total.

As with Hitomi My Stepsister adult bishoujo game, I struggled with the storyline because it conflicted with my personality and beliefs. It is a familiar adult bishoujo story line regarding your father remarrying, and it is a dark story addressing the psychological issues of Yusuke Yagami.

I found this story a little easier to deal with than Hitomi My Stepsister as it was not quite so violent but hey I still prefer something a little lighter. I never let my personal tastes reflect in my reviews however.

Even though this was a dark story, it was well written and it allowed you to make choices quickly, and get to some hentai sex scenes faster than many of the games. Obviously with fourteen endings the story will be better or worse depending on the route you take.

Gibo: Stepmother’s Sin adult bishoujo game begins with Yusuke Yagami having a recurring dream about his mother whom he witnessed being unfaithful resulting in his parents’ divorce. This incident has left him with deep psychological issues regarding the concept of a mother and has left him believing that they are all adulterers and sluts.

When he discovers that his father (whom you never see) has remarried a beautiful woman he decides that he should train her as his sex slave, whatever it takes! The sex scenes in this adult bishoujo game are pretty hardcore and the accompanying descriptive was certainly sexually charged so I am sure that they will not disappoint you.

I felt that the graphics in the Gibo Stepmother’s Sin adult hentai game were very good, and erotic, but not as good as those from some of the other adult bishoujo games that I have reviewed. Some animated adult scenes would have been excellent but this is not a major omission. This said, they were more hardcore than many, and had many scenes that will appeal to those who like bondage or S&M.

If you like dark, psychological hardcore adult bishoujo games then you are sure to want to add Gibo: Stepmother’s sin to your bishoujo game collection.

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Gibo Stepmother's Sin Bishoujo Game Screenshots

Mio gives Yusuke a fantastic blowjob at school Yusuke fucks Mio doggy style at school Misako gives Yusuke the best blowjob of his life Yusuke encourages Misako to have foreplay
Misako masturbates whilst having forced phone sex Misako has sex with Yusuke Misako gives Yusuke a titty fuck blowjob Gibo's Stepmother
Misako gives a blowjob Misako has her pussy played with by Yusuke Shina masturbates on the bed with sex toys Yusuke's mother having sex