POV House rated ss 4.5 stars POV House rated ss 4.5 stars POV House rated ss 4.5 stars POV House rated ss 4.5 stars POV House rated ss 4.5 stars

POV House Review

Rated 4.5 out of 5 by Adult Sex Game Reviews

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POV House is a new virtual sex game and shares similarities with other POV sex simulators like Sambuka or VirtualFem, but only similarities as this game is very unique in it's approach to providing you with interactive dick swelling porn.

The manufacturers of this adult game make their money by selling you tickets. These start at $4 for one, the more you buy, the better the deal the best at the time of writing is 20 tickets for $35. You are not left out in the UK or Europe as you can buy in GBP or Euros too if you prefer to use your national currency.

There are two types of sex games for you to play here, porn, or adventure + porn and the tickets needed for each are 2 and 3 respectively, it is not a bad price as the girls are very hot! Ok enough of the facts and figures, you want to know about the naked chicks and the porn right?

The first step is to register and buy some tickets, not sure if it is for you, just buy one to try it out then go back and buy some more when you are sure (and you will). Then download the game and get started.

When you start POV House it will open full screen with all the hot babes on the right, you can click on one and scroll through them to see which one you want to play with (oh if only), it tells you a bit about them and what they do (21, anal, schoolgirl etc) then click the play button and off you go.

The quality of the video is fantastic, full screen HD, and you can get into it straight away if you are desperate to unzip the beast and show it to the ladies! The girls are beautiful and you get a good variation of positions depending on the girl you are fucking.

The game itself involves a simple dialog, a bit like the old text adventures of yesteryear where you make choices and the choices drive what happens. In porn mode this means you choose how you want to have sex, in adventure mode you have to convince her first that she should be having sex with you before you can move into the porn. A nice little touch here is that you can opt to go straight to the porn or start with the adventure on those girls that allow it.

There are costumes too such as sexy schoolgirls that can add to the excitement, sex toy play, piercings and other fun stuff too.

The controls are simple and responsive, minimise will send it to your system tray, then you have a windowed/full screen toggle and close. When the dialog is open you can minimise that too, particularly good in full screen mode. The little house takes you to the start to select another girl.

One really fantastic feature is what I like to call the Porn Dock! Move the mouse to the left of the screen in Porn mode and there is a docked window where you can click on a still and jump straight to that HD porn video segment, cool!!

At the moment there are 8 girls, this will continue to grow, all are great looking both with, and more importantly, without their clothes.

If you are looking for a adult game that can get your pocket rocket fired up immediately but still gives you the option of having to work for it, has beautiful naked women blowing and fucking and lets you feel like the driver in full screen POV HD video then POV House should definitely be one sex game on your short list.

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POV House sex game main page POV House girl info screen POV House Anna preparing for her job interview POV House Anna using her dildo for you
POV House Anna lets you cum in her mouth POV House Amalia dresses as Schoolgirl and blows you POV House Amalia dressed as Schoolgirl has anal sex